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We are a highly flexible and adaptable team of qualified coaches who tackle the most challenging assignments head-on. We work with people from all walks of life and have gained a depth of knowledge from our coaching experience with individuals through to global multinationals. We believe that you are the experts in your business, and we are the experts in getting the best out of you and your teams.

Tailored Solutions For You

The areas that have generated the most success for our clients to date include: 

As a highly experienced and qualified team of coaches and facilitators we have the skill and experience to work directly with you and your team to understand the challenges you are working to overcome. Over the past number of years, we have develop bespoke training for our clients and their teams to meet their needs. Please call us to discuss the challenge you are facing and we can identify a path that will help you and your team to move forward either in a one day workshop or in partnership over a longer period of time.

One of our areas of expertise is in the development and delivery educational workshops. Jeannette was a lead facilitator in the extraordinarily successful Skillnet Ireland – ManagementWorks Business Growth and Business Leadership programmes. Jeannette led approximately 200 companies through these two programmes over a seven-year period. Both programmes were focused on educating and supporting the owners of Irish SME’s to grow their mindset, manage their finances more closely, developing their marketing skills and processes, understanding their sales pipeline, how to convert and retain customers, gain clarity of their company culture and finally documenting, improving, and streamlining their business standard operating procedures. We are experts at developing and delivering education programmes for industry specific groups or location specific groups in partnership with Professional bodies or public sector organisations.
Career coaching comes naturally to our team, Jeannette spent the first part of her career, 12 years in Recruitment and Executive search working for well-known brands in the Irish market and internationally. Career transition comes in many shapes and forms. You may be seeking to progress within your existing company and don’t know how to get past the obstacles that you are encountering along the way, you may have a desire to leave your current role and want to make a move on your career ladder or within your industry. The need to move may have been forced upon you due to redundancy or a restructure that does not work for you. No matter the circumstance as your career coach will support you in the process of reviewing your career, identifying your values and motivations, creating a roadmap for your future and supporting throughout the entire process.
Some business owners are surrounded by business support and others are not. In our experience both benefit from having a business coach. Having a business coach on your side is a powerful asset to your business. Our business coaching follows a clearly defined roadmap. We always start with a business diagnostic meeting, where we learn about your dreams and vision for your business and then identify the challenges and what is holding you back. This is the start of a journey that follows a well-defined roadmap that is backed up by years of experience. While we follow a well-documented process, we are also adaptable enough to work with you to fix the immediate challenge or need in your business. Having a Business Coach benefits you by providing you with a genuine business support partner, a concrete business plan with well-defined goals for progress, a sounding board, someone to ask you the hard questions and to support you in making business decisions. Having a business coach will propel you and your business forward.
Executive Coaching is all about investing in your business and your team. Many organisations have a clear idea of their company goals but cannot seem to achieve them. As your executive coach we focus on developing your team from the top down. The buy in of the company leader is key to the success of the programme. We work with the leader to gain absolute clarity of the goals on the business. Once these have been defined, we cascade these goals throughout the business in a simple memorable way for the rest of the team. We support each executive to deliver on and to exceed their goals. This reinforces and brings to life your company culture and values. Once some progress has been made the team becomes empowered and limiting beliefs and behavioural obstacles in the organisation are quickly overcome. Executive coaching is delivered in a group and one to one setting allowing all team members to have their voice heard and to gain support in overcoming their challenges.

The services and supports that have generated the most success for our clients to date include: –

  • Leadership and success mindset
  • Strategic planning & alignment
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership development
  • Personal Accountability
  • Financial mastery, budgeting and planning
  • Marketing planning and delivery
  • Team alignment,
  • Team & culture development
  • Team accountability through goal setting and one to one coaching.

We can help you develop through Business Coaching for individuals and teams, Board Level Corporate Coaching, Executive Coaching and Career Coaching.

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